The final live music schedule is set for Press On 2017, and two Central Oregon bands with roots in different rock genres will take the stage from 3 to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 23 at Atlas Cider, Bend.

Starting at 3 p.m. sharp, popular new Weezer cover band Weez-It will take the audience back to the ’90s with their tight interpretation of the popular “Blue Album.” Then following a brief intermission, Streetlight Moon with take over for a powerful, two-hour rock set starting around 4:30 p.m.

The Press On stage will be located in the parking lot outside of the Atlas Cider Taproom on 550 SW Industrial Way in Bend.

Meshem Jackson, the drummer of Weez-It, volunteered as the booking and musical coordinator of this year’s Press On event. According to Jackson, booking two rock bands influenced by bands a generation apart will offer this year’s event high-energy entertainment that appeals to all ages.

“Weez-It will kick things off with the upbeat yet angst-driven sounds of the alternative rock 90s,” Jackson said. “Then, Streetlight Moon will clean things up with a more traditional, classic rock sound reminiscent of the Led Zeppelin era.”

3 p.m.: Weez-It

Already sporting a local fan base of 90s stalwarts and old-soul Millennials, Weez-It is a serious tribute band … but not too serious. Band members Taylor Morden (vocals, guitar), Meshem Jackson (drums), Ryan Kojan (guitar) and Matt Jackson (bass) recreate the Weezer sound with precision while injecting their own levels of energy and personality into each live show.

“You know when you are out at the bars at midnight on a Wednesday and you hear some terrible cover band playing ‘Say it ain’t so?’” Weez-It asks on its Facebook page. “We’re like that, but every day.”

4:30 p.m.: Streetlight Moon

Starting as a four-piece Led Zeppelin cover band, Streetlight Moon now boasts its own LP, “To the Moon & Back,” which boasts an original sound — a mix of blues, rock, epic choruses and theatrical performance that’s self-described as if “Janis Joplin spent the night at the opera with Led Zeppelin.”

A question posed one night on Facebook by Bend-based vocalist Stephanie Slade served as the genesis of Streetlight Moon: “What happened to all the great rock bands?” The question had a domino effect the led to the formation of the band.

Stephanie was joined by brothers Andrew Cooper (guitar) and Matthew Cooper (drums), along with Shane Crouse (bass), to create a band the first made a name for itself as a Led Zeppelin tribute band. But Streetlight Moon wasn’t your run-of-the-mill cover band. Its onstage energy and muscular, low-end sound, the band quickly developed a local following, leading to their headlining Bend Fall Festival.