The leadership group of the 2017 Press On: Moving Lives Through Cancer event recently unveiled this year’s T-shirt design for 2017 — a word collage that depicts the various life moments which so often serve as goals as cancer survivors “press on” through their disease … and beyond.

Screen printed on a simple yet breathable purple shirt, the collage forms the shape of an apple as a nod to our earliest sponsors at ATLAS Cider.

“Words like ‘breathe,’ ‘dance,’ ‘compete’ and ‘dream’ combine to create the visual you see on the T-shirt, reminding both cancer survivors and Press On participants of the little moments in life that mean so much but which we so often take for granted,” said Ben Montgomery, co-founder of Press On. “One of our goals with Press On is to remind people of the many ways simple activities can make us feel alive, regardless of the challenges we may be facing at a given moment.”

Press On T-shirts will be available FREE for people who volunteer at the event and for those who sign up for our Recharge 5K Fun Run/Walk. Additional shirts will be on sale during the Press On event, though supplies will be limited.

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