Just after Christmas, Kathi Denton found a lump in her breast. “It was right over my heart,” she said. Then a month later, her doctor gave her the bad news:

Kathi Denton, Press On Cancer Survivor Story

Kathi enjoying the sunset at Waldo Lake.

Kathi had stage IB invasive ductal carcinoma.

She opted for a bilateral mastectomy, surrounded by the support of her husband and her colleagues at G5 in Bend. She finished her final round of chemo in August and is completing her Herceptin treatment.

Kathi’s always been an active person, but one thing she’d rarely done, despite living in Bend for 8 years, was walk up Pilot Butte. She began walking daily to the top of the hill while listening to guided meditation by Belleruth Naparstek.

“It kept me sane and got me in shape before surgery,” Kathi said.

Maybe it was due to her background in counseling, but after getting over the initial shock of the cancer diagnosis, Kathi was able to find the positive in her journey even through unexpected complications and nausea so bad she was living on Cup o’ Noodles and green Gatorade.

“I’ve never really wished this hadn’t happened to me. And you know, I almost wouldn’t change it.”